Tuesday, June 19, 2007

The Father of Darkness

I had promised myself that I would leave off posting about events in our all-too-real world and devote myself to events in the Third Galaxy in general and the Godbiz there in particular.

My reason is that as horrible as what happened in the Third Galaxy,, at least I know that, with the arrival of the Alien Veggies, everything turned out for the better, with rosy pink mornings, green fields forever and all that good shit. Sorry to say, such an outcome does not even seem quite possible for our poor world and its confused and often quite detestable inhabitants.

There has been a bit of fluff in the national discussion here in Denmark, over the past year or so, as to what will happen to the Iraqis who have been working as translators for the contribution of the Happy Little Kingdom to the Coalition of the Willing, that is to say, a battalion of Danish boots. The question is what will happen to them when we pull out in August, along with the Brits, from our positions north of Basra.

The discussion has been: should we give them asylum and relocate them to Denmark? The answer of the government has been to downplay the danger they would be in for having collaborated with the Occupation -- to relocate them in Iraq, giving them new identities has been the government's standard line of b.s.

Well, well, well! We hear this morning that one of our translators has already been "relocated" and given a "new identity". He was abducted six months ago, tortured for three goddam fuggin days before the shits put a bullet in his head!

What happened six months ago, we first hear about it today? The government has been stonewalling on this question for a year and we leave these poor bastards in less than two months to the a of living death. Somewhere, I think I still had some measure of respect for the Bush Lite government of Anders Fogh Rasmussen, but I can't find it now, in fact I don't have the least desire to even try to look for it...

On the broader and even more ridiculous topic of "respect for the Codpiece administration", Digby points to Seymour Hersh's detailed report on what happened to Gen. Antonio Taguba and the reward for his investigation into the atrocities at the Father of Darkness [Abu Ghraib] prison was to be asked for his resignation. Digby has made "The General's Report" required reading -- that and a commencement address given by Mark Danner at the U of California this May.
Update: In the evening news, the Minister of Defense says that he never heard about this until now -- well folks, you'll just have to excuse me -- I don't believe his b.s. one bit. I saw how he wiggled and CYA'ed out of the facts brought forth in the movie, "The Secret War" -- what they do is say, "I never saw an official document that I had to sign that I had read"...

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