Wednesday, July 04, 2007

Fourth of JULY, 2007...

As I wrote last year, July 4th commemorates not the signing, but the proclamation of the Declaration of Independence -- the actual signing was the day before.

I also wrote last year Http:// July 4th, 2006 was the worst ever I have known. It's worth a reread. Sadly, 2007 appears to set a new record for me.

As far as the weather is concerned, almost every month this past year has set a record, either for being the warmest, wettest or driest. This past June, for example was the wettest since they started keeping records a century and a half ago here in Denmark.

Unfortunately, every month the political weather also seems to set new records. We seem headed for "political bow-echo" effect. It is as if we are heading for a Rupture where the Third Galaxy, a parallel universe to our own will suddenly become a part of our reality.

Do I really believe that? Of course not! I may be crazy, but I'm not insane.

However, it is a fact that our beloved country is now considered by most of the rest of the world to be a rogue nation, one that invades, bombs and occupies other countries without cause, a country which intends to control the world's resources, a country which will allow no other to even get close to her in military might, a country of iron boots able to crush anyone and anything under her heel, up to and including sending the world to oblivion.

The Lady of Light and Enlightenment has become a Madam in a Fat Car with a a corrupt political culture insulated from the Will of the People.

She has also become a country where the Executive branch considers itself to be above the law -- in fact, is above the law, commits felonies and not only gets away with it, but brags about it. But Glenn Greenwald has written both better, more cogently and extensively about this than I ever could -- go read it.

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