Tuesday, July 03, 2007

Happy "Bring 'Em On Day!", Stoopid!

Warning: Red Rant Alert!

Today is "Bring 'em on" Day, the 4th anniversary of the dumbest thing the Codpiece ever said.

Not only was it dumb, it was stoopid, low and mean. It was the boast of an empty-headed popinjay which has cost thousands in the tens and hundreds of butchered and maimed bodies and minds!

On top of that, he commuted Libby and anybody with the understanding of a sliced tomato knows the reason why: A pardon would have meant that he was exempt for further legal consequences in testifying. The commutation means that in his appeal he can still take the 5th amendment -- and that means Mr. Tinkerbell and Mr. Snarly are protected because Libby won't sing, which is why he didn't sing in the first place because he knew the fix was in as long as he kept good faith, just like them goodfellows do in the Mafia.

The quarter million $ in fines? Please, the money will come from somewhere because good shit like this is what keeps azzholes like these stuck together.

Speaking of stoopid, there is a threadbare meme that people in olden times were
superstitious creeps who crawled under rocks when it thundered and shat in their sheepskins when there was lightning. Nothing could be further from the truth: They survived ice ages, drought, floods, wild beasts and famine for a hundred or more millenniums and they did that without television, deep freezers and humvees!

We, on the other hand will be lucky to survive this century, let alone a millennium!

The rant has ended -- and now, a tidbit from Ye Olde Poetry Bag about them bad old days:

In them bad old days people were stoopid, you know,
more stoopid than wooden clothespins and round doorknobs!

But did anybody ever really count
how many people really, truly thought
the earth was flat and that ships would fall right off
the edge if they should sail too far from land?

I doubt it very much that anyone did!
My guess is that it's yet another of those
things we "think we know", as if it came
direct from the Spud of the Great Potato Himself...

For so it is with many silly things
we think we've gotta believe, or go to Hell
and roast and burn with pain forever more
for daring to think, "This doesn't make sense to me!"

The Halls of Hell are strewn with dead beliefs
cast off by those who actually found -- faith!

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