Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Arrogant Prophecies - The Simonized Leopard

Today the unknown poet of the Third Galaxy revisits themes we have seen earlier in his Arrogant Prophecies.

Here are some of his own comments:

"The ingenious insight which underpinned the Groundlaw of the Land of Light and Liberty before she mutated into a Land of Arrogance was a system of checks and balances imbedded the Groundlaw which, for more than two centuries ensured that one segment of the government, particular the executive branch, could not wield power without oversight from the other two."

"This is the obscene in Ronald Rexona's ascension, first as "Commander-in-Chief" then later as Supreme Hole of Arrogance. The purpose of "Commander-in-Chief" was to cement the idea in the national consciousness that the military was under civilian control. Rexona twisted it so that all Arrogant citizens came to think of him as their "Commander-in-Chief -- and this was an absolute perversion of the original intention."

When Rexona begins prancing around in his little military uniforms, it is forgotten that "Commander-in-Chief" is a literal translation of "Imperator" -- the preferred title of the first Emperor of the Roamin Empire!"
Let me see, did I get this right?
We got us a president who talks in sound bites?

How this happened, I have to know!
Why did we allow incompetence to grow?

It all seemed so, "disconnected" --
our economy shattered, our leaders never truly elected...

Wars against secret foes,
our Bill of Rights taking serious body blows...

Why these nightmares riding my mind?
Why the coincidental merge of sleaze and slime?

Why this political super cell,
forming bow echo threats to blow us all to hell?

How did we happen to get this far?
Will we soon see Madam soon, astride her big, fat car?

A sort of "simonized" leopard
churning across seas of broken glass and shards?
A "super-cell" is a meteorological phenomenon preceding the formation of tornadoes. A "bow-echo" is a situation where several super-cells sort of curl in upon themselves and then engender a series of ultra violent tornadoes. The implication is that national and world events are seen leading to a sort of political "bow-echo".

"Madam" and her "fat car" is a reworking of images found in Revulsions. 17:3 and 17-7-12. The "fat car" is seen as simonized, because a car must be polished -- however, the term is also referring to the fact that "simony" is to the Godbiz what sleaze and slime is to politics.

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