Friday, September 21, 2007

The Boiling Point of Blood...

A couple of days ago, here in the Happy Little Kingdom, two guys decided to find out how awesome it would be to race their cars down a residential street.

At about 100 mph, one of the drivers lost control of his vehicle, hit a tree and, on a bounce, a 41 year old woman. The woman is now in the hospital fighting for her life, or what shatters of it will be left if she ever regains consciousness.

That's the kind of thing that makes your blood boil, especially if you eat the news the way the tabloid press serves it up.

My question is, at what temperature, exactly does your blood begin to boil?

For example, take these fellows who got themselves elected to the highest positions in the most powerful nation in the Third Galaxy. They promised "compassion", "morality", seeing "no child was left behind" and a bunch of other feel-good stuff. Then, as soon as they had the reins of power in their hands, they raced down the street to do things not even hinted at in what they had sworn to the public that elected them. They set secret plans in motion to secure the natural energy resources of that poor planet for themselves and their business cronies!

In six short years, they spent the lives of four thousand Arrogant soldiers, more than two dozen thousand wounded and maimed, not to mention a million and a half civilians dead in Wudda-Wreck -- and when I say, "not to mention", I mean not mentioned, at least in the approved media of the Bankers of Illusion.

Meanwhile, nearly a trillion dollars were squandered on providing the military with what it takes to make things go "boom!" and people go dead -- but not so much to give the wounded and maimed care, counsel and prosthetics for lost llimbs.

Does that start to make you blood heat up?

Consider now that they didn't even secure the energy resources, the oil and the gas which was the goal of their illegal, preemptive wars and occupations!

Does you blood nearer the boiling point?

Their prime objective at the moment is to engage in yet other wars. They are gamblers on a losing streak who simply double the stakes in the hope of winning it all back -- and the stakes are warm bodies, cold cash and the future of our children!

Worst of all, consider that, if but a tenth of these resources had been spent on research to develop viable energy resources, it would have saved our poor world from the tragedies of war, famine, pestilence and death soon to enfold our poor world with dark, leather wings!

If your blood isn't steaming and bubbling now, you must be extremely anemic or just plain dead!

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