Monday, September 17, 2007

Support the Troops - Send them Back to the War Zones!

Senator Jim Webb has a bill in Congress which would require that troops deployed in Iraq get as much time as they have spent in combat to recuperate at home and retrain before doing a second tour in a War Zone.

It would seem like a reasonable, doable idea and one that would be hard to argue against.

You can't say, "Support our troops and send them back to Iraq to get shot at!" -- can you? Well, in the up is down, progress goes backwards world of today's Washington, perhaps you can!

The Secretary of Defense -- I know that is a strange title for a job that entails little more than preemptive, illegal wars of aggression and occupation, but hey, not every thing is snarkable -- the Secretary of Defense, Robert Gates, came out with the big guns and said he would recommend that the Codpiece veto the bill because, "...we would have force management problems that would be extremely difficult and, in fact, affect combat effectiveness and perhaps pose greater risk to our troops..."

Indeed, who knows what kind of bad things could happen to our soldiers here at home? I shudder at the thought! Shudder, I tell you!

It is, of course true, that the Department of Defense has a management problem, however, which I suppose is why Mr. Gates brought it up. The DoD, with its 480 billion plus dollar budget has once again failed its external audit -- as a matter of fact, the DoD has yet to pass the external audit since this was required by law ten years ago,

What that means, is, the DoD doesn't really know what it does with all that money. Yep, and the tiny Department of Homeland Security, with its budget of only 38 billion has never passed an audit since the creature was created. I hope this makes you feel as safe as it makes me feel!

By the way, do you remember that, when Sen. Webb was to the dinner reception for new members of Congress, the Codpiece went out of his sway to buttonhole Webb and repeatedly asked him "how your son is doing?" knowing full well that Webb's son, a Marine, was in combat in Iraq.

What a fine man of character the Decider is!

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