Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Status Report...

Well, dear hearts, after a year and a half of blogging, my post last Monday was number five hundred, so I guess it's time to take stock of what I am doing here.

First of all, I want to thank my readers who are few but faithful, especially my cousin, Nuke Watcher, for their continued encouragement and advice.

When I started, I had the idea that the discipline of writing regularly would make my writing, if nothing else, more fluid. I also had the idea that perhaps it would shape up some ideas I had been fooling around with for a long time and perhaps be able to mush them into a more continuous skein of words -- what people call a "book".

Well, as for the first, I think that that is the case, the fluidity is there and the writing at least seems to give the impression of cogency.

I have downloaded various portions of the posts and am now trying to edit them -- it is harder work than I would have imagined!

If the world doesn't end, I hope to have a rough text for "The Automated Armies of Arrogance" and "The Arrogant Prophecies" sometime during this year -- time will tell!



Holy Mackerel Crazy Bird,

I was taken back a little by the new direction you have chosen and really look forward to the "The Automated Armies of Arrogance" and "The Arrogant Prophecies". This is the best news I have seen of late and we are all looking forward to seeing your updates and progress releases, in the new year.

Your staunchest supporter,
Nuke Watcher
Baltimore, MD.

Chuck Cliff said...

"Jeg bukker og takker" as they say in Danish -- sounds horrible, I know, but it just means "I take a boe and say thanks".

But what I meant to imply was that working on thesse projects is an explanation for why I have gone down to semi daily posting.

Chuck Cliff said...

a "boe"? -- shit, I meant a "bow"!!