Monday, January 07, 2008

King Humble

[King Humble is an ugly figure from Danish legend. The tyrant King Humble had a castle of many floors. There was a trap door on each floor, down to a deep hole in the basement. Those who met the displeasure of the evil king were made to fall from the top floor down into the pit]

A baby is about to be born, a rare child indeed,
& what shall we do?

Shall we feed it to the dragon?

Shall we sit in quiet passivity and naĆ­ve piety
and watch the child fall into the pit
of the Humble Giant
who dwells in the House upon the Hill?

His breath reeks of death,
his bellly rumbles for more flesh
Wise men stumble,
forests tumble,
mountains crumble
underneath his feet.

Wise men weep
song birds screech
and fall from the sky.

A baby is about to be born, a rare child indeed!
What shall we do?

I say:

We must fight for our right to be alive
and hold bright lights for the midwives.
We must run and shout and sing and dance
and bring the flower home to reborn excellence.

We must expunge the source of every lie
which blinds the holy, innocent inner eye.
We must become soldiers of Lady Fortune
& attack the debaucheries of torture.

We must run where others have trod.
We have no choice but to choose what we must.

We must create a world where the child is born without fear,
or we will all drown in Diana's Tears.

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