Sunday, February 03, 2008

Help, I Found a Prophet in My Kitchen Sink!

[I uncovered this odd little poem in the 2nd level footnotes to the Absolute Truth -- it would seem to also be the work of that odd fellow, the unknown poet of the Third Galaxy -- in any case it would must have been composed before Monstrous Monday and the actual beginning of the Terrible times]

I have begun to think that my kitchen sink
is trying to send messages to me!

Perhaps you laugh and say I've crossed the brink
which separates us all from sanity?

Please let me try to explain the anguished pain
which I hear in the sounds from my kitchen drain:

I hear the gurgle of words in an ancient tongue
growling from within the bowels of the Earth!

Words which were spoken when the Earth was young,
"Hail mother Earth, blessed is the fruit of your womb!"

But that was long ago and, for what it's worth,
That holy blessing has turned into a curse!

It really doesn't take a prophet to know
some real shit is coming down the tube!

The blind can see the gathering of storm clouds
and the deaf can hear the war drums beating now...

Myself, I guess I'm much too sensitive --
I barf when people ask what the question is...

There are those who say it was all Inevitable,
that God's Plans and Ways are Inscrutable...

But if there's no meaning in human life itself,
then there's no meaning at all and all is hell!

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