Wednesday, February 13, 2008

David's Harp

[I apologize for continuing to post these short poems which the unknown poet of the Third Galaxy fancifully called "sonnettes", that is verses which, in a vague way, follow the form we know as the "sonnet" -- I uncovered these works in my researches in the 21st Edition of the Absolute Truth and found them to be, although not really great poetry, a refreshing breeze in that period before the commencement of the Terrible Times in that poor world.]

Perhaps it gives you cause for gentle laugh
to learn I found this poem while taking a bath!

The fact is that, when we are most relaxed,
we tread more easily the simple path
to kingdoms of the soul and eternal mind.

It's as if the Child opens his eyes to find,
with sapphire lights twinkling eternally,
that secret Christmas Tree in you and me!

It's such a humbling gift to be able to speak
of how the Earth is inherited by the meek.

The things that teachers teach and preachers preach
do not interest me all that much.

I'd rather find some rare device to touch
the soul and make it sing -- like David's Harp!

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