Sunday, February 17, 2008

The Gift...

[We had a wedding here (our daughter) so we have been busy, but today I post another "sonnette" composed by the famous (to me anyway) unknown poet of the Third Galaxy -- it should be seen as a continuation of the thought and mood of the previous posting, "David's Harp"]

To be able to touch the soul and make it sing
now that's a gift fit for any king!

Or would you prefer four and twenty blackbirds
in a pie, or something even more absurd?

The queen in her parlor eating bread and honey?
The king in his counting house counting up his money?

The gift of being human being is what?
An apple or orange to be peeled, sliced and cut
to suit the tastes of some master race?

Or some creatures come to us from outer space?

Or, the seed of human genes, as industrial patents,
sold to global monetary giants?

How rare it is we truly appreciate
being aware of the gift of being incarnate!

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