Monday, February 11, 2008

Poetic Ruse

[So tired I am of all the darkness, not only in the Third Galaxy, but even in our more peaceful and even, to a degree, sane world, I was so glad to discover in the 21st Edition of the Absolute Truth some poetry of a brighter nature composed by the famous, to me at least, unknown poet of the Third Galaxy -- I will post a few of what he (she?) called "sonnettes"* over the next days]

The subtlety, you see, of the simple truth
is such that I need to use poetic ruse
to build a gilded frame around the door.

I do this in hope you will enter and ask for more!

Those who come only to be entertained,
usually leave as quickly as they came...

The picture and reality are the same
to them, they exclaim, "I saw a wall of paint!"

The fact of the matter is these things I give
come from my very soul -- please believe this!

It is among shattered shadows that I find
the phrases which I carefully align
in artful form -- in hopes that you will find
them pleasing to the ear,

the eye.

and mind.

* That the unknown poet calls these poems "sonnettes" should be taken with a grain of salt -- yet , if you look closely, you will note that there are 14 lines with at least a flavour of iambic pentameter with a rather loose rhyme structure...

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