Saturday, February 09, 2008

Didja Know?

Didja know that the Brits had a plan in Farawaystan to flip a major Baliban military commander?

The plan was that the military forces under Mansoor Dadullah's command would support the central government in Qabul -- in return, the Brits would finance schooling for farmers so they could learn how to grow cash crops which aren't usually used to make narcotics.

Actually you did know even though you didn't know it -- what I mean is you only heard the sound bite in the news that a couple of Brits got thrown out of Farawaystan because they were negotiating with the Baliban.

Negotiating with the Baliban is a Bad Thing Because They Are Evil. It is especially bad -- in fact, double bad bad -- if the Unified State of Arrogance has not Approved.

Therefore the two secret agents the Brits had sent -- agents who, between them had 35 years of experience, who spoke the language fluently and were intimately conversant with the customs and tribal politics of the area -- they were "blown", arrested and thrown out of the country.

Not only was the plan flushed which would have brought, if not peace, at least some stability to the area -- the military commander was stripped of his command by Mullah Omar, also known as "Old One Eye".

What happens now is that the Arrogant government will go ahead with its plans to crop dust poison on the poppy fields. This is the sort of campaign which has proven so effective in the War on Drugs that that cocaine is no longer seen on the streets of Arrogant cities and people convicted of nonviolent crimes no longer (over)fill the Arrogant prisons -- if it worked for cocaine, I am sure it will work for opium!

Last year, the Brits cut a similar deal in the same area of the Helmland province and it worked -- until the Arrogant Air Force did a couple of bombing/strafing runs and killed (once again) the wrong people.

Meanwhile, that comedy duo, the Secretaries of State and Defense, Rice and Gates are bad mouthing the Arrogant allies in NATO, because they don't/won't send more troops to get killed in places fugged up by Arrogant policies. The bottom line with all of this, the "Surge" in Wudda-Wreck, Bodybag -- everything the Arrogant government does is done with an eye towards how it will go down politically on the home front in Arrogance...

Didja know, a recent study shows that recent polls show that people support the presence of foreign troops in Farawaystan in areas where clean water and electricity is becoming available -- but when Arrogant planes start their Instant Urban Renewal Projects with the consequent collateral damage, them fickle, illiterate Farawaystanians change their minds?

Now, who would have thought that would happen?

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