Friday, September 12, 2008

I Didn't Do It...

I didn't do it!

It really, really cost me, but I didn't do it!

I didn't talk, blog, write, snide or snark about The Day That Changed Everything -- heck, I didn't even observe a moment of silent prayer for the "almost three thousand who died that day..."

As a matter of fact, it has long puzzled me, along with a few other things like how the concept / meme of "Homeland Security" and the legal monster misnamed the PATRIOT ACT appeared, full-blown and ready to rock, like some miscreant Minerva from the forehead of a somewhat bilious and certainly corrupt Zeus -- it has puzzled me why the talking heads always refer to "almost three thousand"...

It's as if there were some sort of sick Death Eater Disappointment that the number of bodies incinerated, smashed to road kill on the pavement to escape the flames was not the three thousand plus first promised the media beast in first few hours of what we can now see was the beginning of a mass psychosis and outright communual insanity.

Very much on the other hand, I do know what the Bush Doctrine is, which is something Sarah Cuda doesn't know after a fortnight or so of intense indoctrination by the Dark Lords in campaign talking points at an undisclosed location.

Out of some measure of respect for you who may be as ignorant as the Gov. of Alaska, the "Bush Doctrine" is sort of like the "Monroe Doctrine" on steroids.

If you don't know what the "Monroe Doctrine" is, you should forthwith return the money spent on your education. The Monroe Doctrine of 1823 warned the European Powers to stop expanding their bloodsucking colony shit in the New World. The Americas were declared to be turf that belonged to the United State of Arrogance and we went to war more than once, twice -- heck a dozen times to make the point clear. If you are not up to speed on this, please read "War is a Racket".

The Bush Doctrine is the policy of preemptive war -- that is that "we" (i.e., whoever happens to be the Codpiece in Chief) has the right to bomb the shit out of anybody he/she fancies as long as his handlers can make up an excuse television pundits can repeat without barfing on screen in front of the cameras.


dan of steele said...

the WTC attack was spectacular, made for TV. for so much damage to occur with less than 3 thousand deaths is anti-climatic.

three thousand must seem a lot bigger than over 2900 or whatever the number is.

yes, everyone must be reminded that it was 6 million Jews that got themselves gassed and almost 3 thousand New Yorkers burned to death and or crushed in the collapse of giant buildings.

seems to be working.....

Chuck Cliff said...

Another 6 million, gypsies, gays, commies, jehova witnesses and assorted "undesireable elements" were tortured and toasted in the death factories -- they should be remembered along with the half of European Jewery that got final solutioned.