Sunday, September 14, 2008

When News that is News is Not-News...

I'm sure you have heard about the behavior of the Organs of Public Safety in St. Paul during the Repugnant National Convention -- o, you haven't heard about it?

You didn't hear about the preemptive arrests of people planning to demonstrate, the arrests of two score journalists, [click through a splash screen for a day pass to Salon] the dozen stun grenades lobbed at a small group of demonstrators?

Why is it that news which is news is not news?

More important, why did the police feel they could act with such impunity?

The Repugnant host committee set up a $10 million insurance policy to defray expenses the city might run into because of litigation after the convention. City officials asked for this coverage and were proud of it -- see, that's also news which is not news...

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