Tuesday, December 28, 2010

A Being Without a Heart

[Indeed, it is a strange question the Unknown Poet asks here - of course he doesn't mean the physical heart which pumps blood, but the secret heart where the indwelling spirit dwells. What sort of rough beast would such a creature be? No slouch I'm sure, but could one call such a thing, a being?]

10. A Being Without a Heart

"She was chosen to crush the world under her heel,
to suck the world dry like a giant tick."
I hate to write words like that but feel
I have no real choice other than this:
To fearlessly speak the words I find on my tongue,
and spit them out with no regard for taste.

I hear a song demanding to be sung:
"Our living world is being laid waste!
"And for what!", is it not our right to ask?
A pile of dung? A hill of dried beans?

Look closely, see what hides behind the mask:
a slithering, slathering beast beyond obscene.

The mind boggles, belches and falls apart!
Can there really be a being without a heart?

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