Sunday, December 26, 2010

Under an Iron Heel

[Here it seems the Unknown Poet of the Third Galaxy seems to have a hair up his ass about the activity of cults such as "Divine Lite - but it is mild compared to the vile bile he spews towards the illusion of "Exceptionalism" which blossomed in the United State of Arrogance mutating into a sick and ugly flower with the onset of the Terrible Times]

9. Under an Iron Heel

If you squeeze your eyeballs a bit you'll see light,
and if you stick your fingers in your ears
you'll hear some sounds - go on, give it a try!
If you call such sound the music of the spheres
and a flash of optic nerve the light divine,
that's all you need to open a godbiz store!

(Of course, you'll need to polish your line
to stand out from what's been said before.)

It's kind of disgusting, but on the other hand
it's not pernicious like some others I've heard
who claim that we possess a chosen land,
chosen by God's Holy Word,

"Chosen," I heard an old fart squeal,
"to crush the world under her iron heel!"

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