Tuesday, December 14, 2010

The Lord They Serve...

6. The "Lord" they Serve...

The "Lord" they serve rules a kingdom of death!

That's what I said and that's exactly what I meant!
How dare they do what they do to Holy Breath!
It's exactly as if the coin of the Kingdom was spent
on dried snot and used toilet wipe.

I try so very hard not to rant,
but when I hear about them selling tripe
as the "Will of God", to keep silent - I cannot!

People are not as stoopid as they think.
We understand how they bamboozle us!
We know what's in the kool-aid they make us drink!

So why don't more of us make more of a fuss?

Is it because we're all afraid of perdition?
Or is it something deeper that we're afraid to mention?

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