Sunday, December 19, 2010

Something Deeper...

7. Something Deeper?

Is it something deeper that we're afraid to mention,
which fills us with shame and follows us wherever we go?
Is it mortal sin or "just" sins of omission?
Indeed, it's hard to name, but this I know:

We need to understand it soon because
the time is short, in fact, it's running out.
We have trashed the earth, disobeyed her laws
and now, like drunks, all bleary eyed, we shout:

"We're gonna give up the juice, tomorrow, we think,
but we haven't time right now to pay the price,
that is except for another bitter drink..."

"Uh...who's paying for the next round?"
"Let's roll the dice!"
"Sixes and seven will get us to heaven in the wink
of an eye", "O, no! Snake eyes! That wasn't so nice!"

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