Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Snake Eyes

[Here, in the 8th. sonnet of "Dogs Barking", the Unknown Poet of the third Galaxy makes a radical departure from the original version of this corona, "Our Common Insanity". As to why there are two versions remains a mystery, despite extensive research in 2nd and 3rd level footnotes of the Absolute Truth (21st Edition)]

8. Snake Eyes

It isn't nice when them snake eyes wink:
The abyss yawns upon a restless night,
civilization totters on the brink.
Meanwhile, blind men rant, "We've seen the light!"

Conspiracies of mediocracy
unfolding plans to cut a cosmic fart:
"To play the Game all you really need
is two cents and a deck of marked cards!"

Combined with a complete lack of shame,
it's easy to get the fools to work for you:
Tell them that you've got a secret name
that you reveal to the chosen few,
they'll work for you day and night
and squeeze their eyeballs out to see some light.

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