Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Crown of Thorns -- Where Are You?

In the fifth instalment, the poem cycle "Crown of Thorns", takes an odd turn.

Starting with the final words of the Passion followed by opening lines from my wife's poem, it suddenly speaks of Cain, the first to kill another human being.

By the way, did you know that the name "Cain" means "Spear" [more accurately the spear head itself] and that "Abel" means "Breeze" [in the sense of a puff of air]? Observations of this sort which prompted me to compose my tale about "Broken Wing".

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"Where are you -- where?"
[It's the scream of a child!]

"You're a child so long, you never ever quite
get over it!"**, the Sunflower Woman wrote...

When children have seen the dark side of the night,
for the scars upon their soul, is there a cure?

Is there any way that we can fix the pain
so that it goes away, forever -- for sure?

Answer -- if you dare!

It seems to me that humanity is insane
and that no ritual, no hadj, no prayer;
no sacrament, no sacrifice, no plea
for mercy, for some rapture in the air
can wash away the deepest sin you see...

Tell me, why doesn't God answer Cain?
Why does he send him away to live in pain!

* The final words spoken in the Passion. (Matt 27, 46 )

** The opening of Helen Cliff 's, "Your a Child So long..." where the question is asked, "...how can it be the little child knows there is no God -- what have we done to the child?" Refer to Matt 18, 6; Mark 9, 42; Matt 12 31-32.

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