Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Answering Questions Never Asked

Up to Easter I posted the "Crown of Thorns" poem cycle.

I have listed for your convenience links to them in the order in which they should be read, followed by a poem which is a sort of after thought or comment on the poem cycle.

However Many Castles
Recycled Prayers
The Finest Wine
Tin Silver Bells
Where Are You?
Brother's Keeper
In All We Say and Do
Them Calvary Blues
You Know Nothing
Drops of Snot
The Quality of Faith
The Pains of Birth
Azrael, the Angel of Death
Azrael's Tickle

While roaming through this life, you sometimes find
answers to questions you'd never think to ask.

It's not that you should or could, because the kind
of Question of which I speak, is not a task
to be lightly taken, or for which answers are asked.

The sound a leaf can make when it starts its fall,
winding down towards the forest floor,
& suddenly: the world is filled with a Call
to something which needs a name somehow more
appropriate, than "truth" or "reality"...

Unfortunately, our vocabulary
is lacking in terms of spirituality.
& I dislike using "epiphany" too much...
Hmmnn, "simplicity" has a folksy touch
An explanation is in order about this idea of the Question.

A book which has influenced me greatly is Jacob Needleman's "Lost Christianity" and this is where I picked up the idea of the Question.

In a sense, the Question is asked of us with every breath we breathe, that is, if we have the sense to listen. All beliefs and dogmas are but a bag of stale wind when the Question is ignored.

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